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Debt Negotiation and Collection in Texas

Are You Plagued by Debt Collectors?

Debt collection can be brutal business. Many people are surprised at how low debt collectors will stoop in their attempts to collect money. At the law firm of Hickson Law, PC, Elizabeth Hickson is not surprised. She has seen it all, including the solution: bankruptcy.
By filing bankruptcy you can stop all collection actions. You can:
Since 1991, Hickson Law, P.C. has helped people in Austin and throughout Texas overcome debt. You can be confident that she has the experience to help you.

Austin Attorney Explaining Debt Settlements

If you are considering bankruptcy, you may also be considering one of the alternatives to bankruptcy you have seen advertised on television, such as a debt negotiation company. While all of these companies operate slightly differently, some of them strive to reach lump sum settlements with your creditors that may be far less than what you owe. Unfortunately, in the rare instance that they are able to get a creditor to agree to such a settlement, you may not have the money to pay such a settlement.
The bottom line is that debt negotiation is not a sure thing. As a debtor, you simply have little or no leverage to negotiate. Bankruptcy is the only surefire way to overcome your debt. Attempting an alternative offered by a company that may not stand behind its work and is only looking out for what is best for the creditor may leave you in a worse position than before. We encourage you to come to us first.