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How Bankruptcy Can Help With Medical Debt

If you’re in a situation where medical bills are stacking up and you feel like you may never get out from under them, then it might be time to consider bankruptcy. The truth is that most people file bankruptcy due to medical debt. If you’re unsure, here is how bankruptcy can help.

Medical Bills are Covered

When it comes to filing for bankruptcy, people worry that they can’t file bankruptcy due to medical bills. The fact is that you can. There are types of debt that you will be unable to eliminate through bankruptcy, but medical bills aren’t a part of those.

Types of Bankruptcy

There are different kinds of bankruptcy that you may be eligible for. Fortunately, whether you are filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 both can eliminate medical bills.
Medical bills, in many cases are unavoidable. With the high cost of health care, it can sometimes be impossible to avoid them. Most people can’t afford to pay off all of their medical debt. You don’t have to stay buried beneath it, however. With bankruptcy, you do have a way out. There are ways that you can start over again without that crushing debt. If you’re looking for more information on how to file for bankruptcy to rid yourself of medical debt, call Hickson Law PC at 512-900-4460.